Fall 2016 Newsletter

This edition of the newsletter highlights community service events, the Class of 2020, Professor Elzey's birthday celebration and fireside chat, Rodfest, YAR, Trick or Treating on the Lawn, and Rodsems.

January/February 2016 Newsletter

This edition of the newsletter highlights many activities throughout the Rodman community, including the projects of first year Rodmans in ENGR 1420, the month's two service projects, one of our new RodSems, and a class open to all students that is taught by current Rodmans.

November/December 2015 Newsletter

Opening with an address from our current Presidents, this edition of the newsletter contains updates from the Service Committee and highlights from two Rodman Seminars.

October 2015 Newsletter

In this edition of the newsletter, we highlight many of the events that happened in October within the Rodman Community, including Young Alumni Reception, Rodfest, and Parents' Weekend. The article also spotlights two of the RodSems occurring this semester.

September 2015 Newsletter

The Rodman newsletter has been revised for the 2015-2016 school year! Since this is the first of the year, the newsletter chooses to highlight various aspects of the first year Rodman community, from Professor Elzey's ENGR 1410 course to first year involvements around Grounds.

2013-2014 Annual Report

This edition of our Annual Report recaps another exciting year for the Rodman Program! The report features addresses from our director, Professor Dana Elzey, and our Co-Presidents, Yiqi Cao and Alisha Geldert. It also contains specific features on students as well as some overall information about the program.

2011-2012 Annual Report

The 2011-2012 academic year was busy for the Rodman Scholars program. The Global Ingenuity 21 Program went to Germany for the second time, 32 members of the Class of 2015 joined the program, and Rodmans got engaged in the University community and beyond. Check out the full report for all of the information.

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Rodmans are everywhere. We are in South Africa helping produce clean water, in Germany on the first-ever Global Ingenuity 21 trip, and improving sustainability right here in Charlottesville through RodSquad. Rodmans can even be seen on Jeopardy! and on the field of Scott Stadium in the Cavalier Marching Band. All of this and more can be found in the fall 2010 newsletter.

Fall 2008 Newsletter

There are several new developments in the Rodman Scholars Program this year. Rodman Council is introducing research grants for Rodmans to explore their research interests and contribute to the academic community. Rodman first years were able to bond at the ropes course at Poplar Ridge for the first time, and Rodman Seminars continue to grow, with 5 seminars being offered this semester. Check out the full publication for all of this and more.

Spring 2008 Newsletter

In the spring 2008 edition of 'RodChat', Rodmans are traveling to Germany in the Engineering in Context program, building ballistas in the Applied Medieval Warfare RodSem, and getting involved in exciting research opportunities. This newsletter also features Rodmans that are distinguishing themselves in many ways and reflections on the Rodman Scholar experience at UVa. See the newsletter for more information.

Spring 2007 Newsletter

The 2006-2007 academic year involved something of a paradigm shift for the Rodman Scholars program. Rodman Council was reinstated as an organizational and administrative body that can help improve the exposure and name recognition of the program. The very first Rodman Scholars newsletter (called 'RodChat') was released to share these developments and improve awareness of the program. Check out the newsletter to see what it' all about!