Prospective Scholars

The Rodman Scholars Program is the honors program for the School of Engineering, awarded to roughly 5% of each entering class. Students are selected for their potential to become the engineering leaders of tomorrow, evidenced by their superior academic performance and engagement in improving the world around them.

You fit into this category if you are in the process of applying to colleges, if you are a first semester first-year UVA student interested in becoming a Rodman Scholar through the Mid-Year Application Process, or if you have already received a letter of acceptance into the Rodman Scholars Program. We would like to help you figure out who we are and what we will be doing to augment your engineering undergraduate experience at the University of Virginia.

All high school seniors applying to UVA's engineering school are automatically considered for the Rodman Program. There is no supplemental application or interview process to become a Rodman as a rising first year. The evaluation process is holistic and focuses on passion and potential for leadership within the field of engineering as well as academic excellence.

Who We Are

The Rodman Scholars Program is an enriching academic and extracurricular experience. It is designed to help the scholars achieve their potential to become the engineering leaders of tomorrow. This experience is shaped largely by both the community of scholars and the academic opportunities that are available to Rodmans. See below for more information about the resources available to Rodman Scholars.

For a little background about the program, try the history page. To learn about current Rodmans and what they are doing, visit the publications page. Feel free to email any Scholars or our director, Professor Dana Elzey, to ask questions about what Rodmans are involved in or general questions about students in our program.

What We Do

The goal of our program is to enhance the experience of a select group of undergraduate engineers here at UVA through priority registration, special courses, seminars, and opportunities, and fun social events that create lasting bonds with fellow scholars. Read through our FAQ page for details about these benefits.

We encourage you to reach out to members of the Rodman Council or faculty advisors.

First Year Experience

The most significant part of being a Rodman Scholar is the first-year experience. Rodmans live together with Echols scholars in honors dorms, and take several classes together as part of a specialized Rodman curriculum. During their first year, each class of Rodmans develops a great community that endures throughout their time at UVA.

A Note About First-Year Housing

The Office of Admission will provide a list of scholars to the Accommodations staff during the summer. Echols, Rodman, College Science, and College Arts Scholars will be assigned to live in a designated scholar community in the Alderman Road Residence Area. Please note, any requested roommates must also be accepted members of a scholars program, or you may choose to not select a preferred roommate. The Accommodations Office will contact any Scholar who selects a non-Scholar roommate prior to making room assignments, to confirm that they understand their decision. When opted out of the scholars community, room assignments are randomized and if not living in the Scholars Community, they could be assigned anywhere in the First Year areas on Grounds.

We highly encourage incoming Rodman Scholars to have this residential component as part of the first year experience! Current and past scholars have had overwhelmingly positive experiences living and learning together.