Mid-Year Applicants

The majority of Rodman Scholars are invited to join the Rodman Program as incoming first year engineering students. However, any current first year engineering student at UVA does have the opportunity to apply for admission into the Rodman Program at the end of his or her first semester.

Admission Timeline and Criteria

Applications for admission to the Rodman Program are usually made available in late October or early November. The application process consists of filling out and submitting the application form, answering a handful of short essay questions, and obtaining a letter of recommendation from a professor or teaching assistant. Of the numerous students who apply each year, approximately 5-10 are invited back for a short interview in late November or early December. The Rodman Program then accepts approximately 4-6 new students into the first year class of Rodman Scholars. These students are selected based on their academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, soundness of character, passion for engineering, and their potential to excel in and benefit from the Rodman Scholars Program. (NOTE: Although the application process takes place before first semester grades have been submitted, each admitted student's transcript will be reviewed once grades do become available.)

Important Forms

  • Application Instructions 2015
  • Application Form 2015
  • Recommendation Form 2015

Integration into Rodman Program

The newly accepted students join the Rodman Program in the Spring of their first year and are immediately integrated into the Rodman curriculum (i.e., new Scholars will enroll in ENGR 1420: Synthesis Design II along with the rest of the Rodman Scholars). Students who enter the Rodman Program in their second semester enjoy all the same benefits as other Rodman Scholars; at the same time, they are also expected to adhere to the requirements and standards imposed by the Rodman Program, which include maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and enrolling in the appropriate number of Rodman seminars. Students who enter the Program in their second semester are only required to take three (not four) Rodman seminars in order to graduate as a Rodman.