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University of Virginia
Engineering Foundation

Contact List

Amanda Fortune
Director of Operations
Phone: 434.924.2291

Zachary Richards
Senior Director of Advancement
Phone: 434.924.6842

John Sawyer
Assistant Director of Advancement
Phone: 434.924.7350

Kayti Wingfield
Assistant Director of Advancement

Anita Smith
Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
Phone: 434.924.7507

Jenny Weatherholtz
Director of Alumni Engagement
Phone: 434.924.3551

Lauren Toiaivao
Director of Alumni Engagement
Phone: 434.924.3551

Elizabeth Thiel Mather
Director of Communications
Phone: 434.924.1381

Bridget Moriarty
Assistant Director of Communications
Phone: 434.924.1713

Room A123, Thornton Hall
P.O. Box 400256
Charlottesville, Virginia

The Office of Advancement and Communications is dedicated to building support for the UVA School of Engineering’s strategic priorities. The School is proud of its devoted and diverse group of stakeholders, including students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and corporate and community partners. UVA Engineering earns their continued support through a variety of activities including alumni events, corporate relations, promotions, fund-raising and sharing news about the many accomplishments of students, faculty and alumni.

The Office of Advancement and Communications also serves as a liaison for the University of Virginia Engineering Foundation (UVEF), which began as the brainchild of five alumni in 1948 "to assist the engineering faculty in maintaining a high type of student body and an up-to-date curriculum and to keep the school informed as to alumni endeavors and achievements."

The foundation was established as an independent, tax-exempt organization in 1953, with a board of directors and a refined mission "to aid and promote, by financial assistance and otherwise, all types of engineering education at the University of Virginia School of Engineering."